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Member Concert Instructions

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Concert Instructions 2022

Sunday 13th November 2022 

War Memorial
Shaws Corner, Redhill
10:00am - 11:30am

A civic remembrance service will take place at Shaws Corner War Memorial.
The service, outside the Redhill United Reform Church will include the Remembrance act, Last Post, two minutes silence, Reveille and the
laying of wreaths.

Address: Shaws Corner, Redhill, Surrey RH1 6AU

The Roads around the War Memorial will be closed between 10am and 12:00pm.

Parking is available in local roads.

Band members to be at the War Memorial by 9:40am.
(See map below)

You will need to wear warm clothing, with hat and scarf, as it can get a bit chilly.

Please wear a poppy.

Shaws Corner.png

The band will set up on the traffic island (see map above) and be ready to tune up at 10:10am.

The chairs will be provided by the council and we shall position them as required.


Band Location

Remembrance Service Details

10:15am The band will play traditional music while the public gather for the service.

Music Order:

  1. Second Suite in F - 2nd movement only.

  2. Dido's Lament.

  3. Highland Cathedral.

  4. Ground Pavane.

  5. Pathetique Symphony - 1st movement only.

  6. Nimrod.

  7. Crimond - No Intro.

10:40am - The Civic Party will begin their procession from the church to the war memorial.

10:50am - The Remembrance service starts.

Opening Prayer

Reading - Prayer - Act of Remembrance.

Parade Commander will  call the  parade to attention.

The Last Post sounded - Sea Cadet Corp.

Exhortation recited.

11am - Two minutes silence is observed.

The Reveille is sounded - Sea Cadet Corp.

Parade Commander will stand the parade at ease

Reading - Prayer

Hymn announced
- Band play 'Eternal Father (Melita)' four verses including intro.

Laying of Wreaths - Band plays 'Scipio' keep repeating until the last wreath has been played.

Prayers - Act of Commitment

Parade Commander will call parade to attention.

National Anthem -
Band play 'God Save the King' One verse starting with a role on the drums.


Parade dismissed

Mayor's Party retire

March off and public disperse -
Band play 'Vanished Army'

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