Member Subscriptions




Member Subscription

Band Members

The Subscription for band members is £45 per quarter, this helps to pay for the bands expenses:

  • Rehearsal hall rental.

  • Conductor.

  • Liability Insurance

  • Website.

  • Printing and stationary.

  • Making Music membership.

  • New music. 

The payment due date is on the first day of each quarter, the yearly quarters are shown below: 

2021 Quarterly Payments

1st Quarter  1st January 2021
This payment was cancelled.
2nd Quarter 1st April 2021
Full members are now in credit, due to the cancelled rehearsals during previous quarters, so there
will be no further payments for the rest of the 2nd quarter.

3rd Quarter 1st July 2021

4th Quarter 1st October 2021

Friends & Guests
We have friends & guests of the band who are very welcome, but only attend rehearsals occasionally. A payment of £5 is requested for each attendance.
This is to be paid by bank transfer prior to attending the rehearsal.

Subscription payments

Bank Transfer

Bank: HSBC

Account name: Allegra Concert Band

Sort Code: 40-43-26

Account No: 72181614

Reference: Members name


Please make the payment to Allegra Concert band.