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Full Rehearsal Playlist

Full Playlist
General Music 

Abduction-Seraglio         Mozart

Birdland.                   arr.Barlas

Blues Brothers          arr.Bocock

Boogie Express.         Schneider

Count Basie Tribute arr.Mashima

Dance of the Knights   arr.Jones

Drunken Sailor          arr.Keeley

It Don't Mean a Thing   arr.Moss

Its About Time            arr.Sayre

La La Land.              arr.Brown 

Lone Ar-ranger.          arr.Buttal


Mountain of Dragons     Reineke

Movie Adventures   arr.Sweeney

New York 1927               Barker

Pomp & Circumstance 4    Elgar 

Scherzo & Finale       Beethoven

Stranger Things    arr.O'loughlin

Stevie Wonder           arr.Murtha

Strike Up the Band     arr.Barker

Superman                 arr.Lowden

Toccata in Dm        Farr & Lamb

Waltz Jazz Suite 2 Shostakovitch

West Side Story        arr.Duthoit


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