Our music library


Our repertoire is mainly 'light' music but as you can imagine, as a band that has been around for over 100 years we have a vast music library, we have over 600 pieces.

We can put together a programme to suit most occasions and we are constantly adding to the library from the latest musicals, shows and films. 

Our current Repertoire:

And All That Jazz      M Brown (2')

Aladdin                 P Jennings (5')

Bandology            E Osterling (3')

Beauty & the Beast   A Mencken (9')

Blue Tango                     L Anderson (3')

Danse Bacchanale       C Sain-Saens (5')

Les Miserables        W Barker (4')

Life on Mars         F Bernaerts (5')

Moorside March          G Holst (4')

Oliver               Ted Rickkets (6')

Porgy and Bess       Gershwin (6') 

The TV Detectives        N Hess    

Echoes Of An Era         J Higgins


Birdland                     J Zawinul

Overture 'ZAMPA'         Herold   

Carousel                      R Rogers

Pathetic Symphony Tschaikowsky

Chairman: Helena Goldberg

Secretary: Mike Avis

We are in the London Borough of Sutton


Sunday 10.30am - 1pm (arrive 10.15am)

Robin Hood Pub (upstairs function room)

52, West Street, Sutton, Surrey SM1 1SH

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