Rehearsal Playlist

Sunday 06-12-2020

Amparita Roca              J Texidor

And All That Jazz                M Brown

Bandology               E Osterling

Beauty&the Beast   Menken (9')

Birdland                    J Zawinul

Danse Bacchanale          C Sain-Saints

Elizabethan Serenade             R Binge

Palladio               K Jenkins (3')

Overture 'Zampa'            Herold


Amparita Roca

I want to take this really fast all the way through, this means that where there are continuous quavers they must keep going, not trying to play then too loud will help, more tongue less diaphragm, again of course DYNAMICS!

And All That Jazz

This is all about feel and ensemble, trumpets and saxes in particular are often together. The 'Dixie' section at 29 needs tightening up.


Dynamics, dynamics, dynamics - Bass Line keep up the tempo at 137.

Beauty and the Beast

Again we’ve done quite a lot of work on this recently, very often the tune will swap around between instrument, this reflects how in the movie different characters are singing, we need to be able to pick up the lead instantly and with confidence. Most of this swings along quite well the two bits that still need a bit of work are the prologue and the transformation ~ the beginning and the end, ~ if we can nail those then this will be a great concert finale.


We only looked at this once, it could be a great contrast in performance.

Danse Bacchanale

We’ve done quite a lot on this so the notes should be sorted by now but there’s still plenty of  'Bear Traps' needs total concentration . Bars 84 – 92 must keep going in tempo this is one of those sections where the second beat of the bar feels like the first beat. There is one heck of a bass part to this (actually there’s two the string bass and the tuba are separate parts) and the whole band needs the bass to be absolutely spot on rhythmically and tempo.

Elizabethan Seranade

This pleases the audience more than most of the band! We need to make sure we maintain a good balance at all times and every dynamic every crescendo and diminuendo most count.


An exercise in restraint and control.


Keep it moving and improve articulation.

Paula Goodwin DOM

Chairman: Helena Goldberg

Secretary: Michael Avis

We are in the Borough of Reigate and Banstead

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Sunday 1pm - 3pm (arrive 12:50pm)

Nork Hall

Nork Way, Nork, Banstead, 

Surrey SM7 1JB