Rehearsal Playlist

Sunday 07-03-2021

Abduction-Seraglio     W A Mozart

Aladdin                 P Jennings (5')


Amazing Grace         J Edmondson


Amparita Roca                 J Texidor


And All That Jazz       M Brown (2')

Bandology            E Osterling (3')

Beauty & the Beast    A Menken (9')

Birdland                 J Zawinul (5')

Blue Tango                     L Anderson (3')

Carousel                        R Rogers

Come Fly with Me          P Murtha

Danse Bacchanale        C Sain-Saens (5')

Elizabethan Serenade        R Binge

Les Miserables         W Barker (4')


Life on Mars          F Bernaerts (5')

Lustspiel                          K Bela 

March of the Women       E Smyth 

Moorside March            G Holst (4'


Oliver                   T Rickkets (6')

Once Upon a Time   Morricone (4')

Palladio                  K Jenkins (3')


Pathetic Symphony   Tschaikowsky

Porgy and Bess         Gershwin (6')

The TV Detectives       N Hess (9')

Vera!                     arr.P Goodwin 

Overture 'ZAMPA'        Herold (8')



Amazing Grace

I think we’ve only played this through once, makes a nice contrast to the longer louder pieces.

Amparita Roca

The excitement lies in pace and dynamic contrast, concentrate on these.

And All That Jazz

An exercise in control, has to start out very restrained and very controlled slowly building up to an unconstrained.


We’ve not looked at this, but has some mighty fine tunes including of course “You’ll never walk alone”.

Les Miserable

I think this is still the best of the show selections, we all know it but have to maintain the excitement.

TV Detectives

This is a very musical compilation put together by the original composer. Needs concentration but makes a fine concert piece.

Paula Goodwin DOM

Chairman: Helena Goldberg

Secretary: Michael Avis

We are in the Borough of Reigate and Banstead

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Sunday 1pm - 3pm (arrive 12:50pm)

Nork Hall

Nork Way, Nork, Banstead, 

Surrey SM7 1JB