Rehearsal Playlist

Hopefully for 

Sunday 23-05-2021


 Amazing Grace         Edmondson 


 Amparita Roca                Texidor 


 And All That Jazz        Brown (2') 

 Bandology            Osterling (3') 

 Beauty & the Beast     Menken (9') 

 Blue Tango                     Anderson (3') 

 Come Fly with Me           Murtha 

 Danse Bacchanale          Sain-Saens (5') 

 Elizabethan Serenade         Binge 


 Oliver                    Rickkets (6') 

 Palladio                   Jenkins (3') 


 CONDUCTOR REHEARSAL NOTES - Play List 23rd May 2021

It’s a long time since we’ve all played together, even though you have all been practising regularly on your own it’s simply not the same. This first rehearsal will be a great challenge to all of us, it is a long time to maintain the necessary level of concentration, there is also the sheer physicality of playing wind instruments.

Because it’s a while since we’ve been together I don’t want to work you too hard and do any intensive rehearsal of technical passages. Hopefully we will be able to play through most of these with just a bit of polishing up a few bits and pieces.

Amazing Grace

I think we’ve only played through this once, everyone knows it so we have to work to bring out all the music in a very simple arrangement.

Amparita Roca

Remember this is a Paso Doble not a march I think it needs to go at one heck of a lick! A lot of the excitement will be lost if we can’t maintain momentum. This may feel like a bit of a stock piece for concert bands but if played well it can be great fun and a real crowd pleaser.

And All That Jazz

This is just such fun! But we need to exercise a bit of restraint and not get too excited too early, attention to dynamics and pace.


This is simply a rollicking good march, as with all marches it requires precision and attention to detail, not least dynamics.

Beauty and the Beast

We’ve done quite a lot of work on this one as well, so hopefully again simply a case of refreshing our memories. There are a couple of tricky passages but the main thing with this piece is listening to each other to identify the melodic flow as we pick up from each other.

Blue Tango

Quite a good piece for the bandstands, and a nice contrast to some of our longer or more intense pieces. This doesn’t mean we can relax, again it needs to be precise to be musical.

Come Fly With Me

I don’t think I’ve ever played this arrangement, but I do know that Paula Murtha is a very good arranger, especially within this genre.

It looks as though there is something to keep everyone interested but we will need a trombone to make this playable! Please take note that there is a DS and a Coda, and that throughout quavers are swung! This will require you to count every bar, there is quite a lot of syncopation and shock notes, these will all need to be placed quite precisely to get the full effect. We play this style of music well, so this could be a natural selection for summer concerts.

Danse Bacchanale

You don’t need me to tell you that this is difficult! You need to concentrate throughout, Saint-Saens plays his trick of starting a phrase on the half bar and that makes it very easy to lose track of exactly where you are. We have done quite a lot of work on this so a lot will be about refreshing ourselves rather than re-learning it. This is a piece of music that is great fun both for the band and an audience who love the musical fireworks.

Elizabethan Serenade

A big contrast to lots of the others we have out at the moment, this is largely and exercise in restraint ~ we need to concentrate and maintain the correct dynamics.

Highlights from Oliver

One of my favourite selections, for me it’s right up there with Les Miserables, which we will be looking at over the following few weeks. This is all about the tunes, so this is another one where you simply can’t get too engrossed in your own part, we need to listen to each other and keep the balance.



Precision, precision, precision. This needs to be almost mechanical. It’s very simple but the way it builds up really milks the excitement factor.


This will be more than enough after a five month layoff! Over the following weeks I hope we will be able to look at everything in the pad, and as we get back into the swing of playing regularly we might be able to bring out a few more.

Paula Goodwin DOM