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Tadworth Primary School

KT20 5RR

9th June 2023


Band News
***Well Done Everyone***
We had great fun playing at the  

Canbury Garden Bandstand

Kingston-Upon-Thames on the 14th May
This is a beautiful location and a big thank you to the Friends of Canbury Gardens and the volunteers for their hard work in organising these events.
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Take a look at our 'Review New Music' page and listen to:

Music by

John Williams

Chillers & Thrillers

arr. John Moss


Allegra Concert Band - A Chilled Christmas Concert 2022

***We Need You***
Come and join our thriving, friendly Concert Band
We have over 30 band members but still have positions for the following:
Drummer/percussionists, Flutes, Clarinets, Trumpets
, Trombone, French Horns, Bassoons and Oboe.
We have a great selection of music
Baroque through to the latest film themes and we love to spice it all up with a bit of Swing 
Press the buttons to view our:
Canbury 030.png

Allegra Concert Band - Canbury Gardens 2022

4-Oaks 004.png

Allegra Concert Band - Oaks Park 2022

Nork Front row 2.jpeg
Nork Front row 3.jpeg

Allegra CB - Nork Music Festival - 2022

Music Day-72.jpg

Allegra Concert Band - Tadworth Primary School 2022

Allegra CB - Saxophone Section

Allegra CB - Saxophone Section 06-02-2022

Allegra CB - Flute Section.jpg

Allegra CB - Flute Section 17-10-2021

Allegra Concert Band

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